Friday, March 2, 2012

BglII Pictures

The green is the protein BGL 2 and the orange and blue is a DNA molecule. From this angle you can see that loops of BGL 2 are in the grooves of the DNA molecule.

BGL 2 is represented with spheres color coed by element.
BGL 2 as spheres and each color is an individual chain in BGL 2

BGL 2 and DNA, green and blue,  looking down the DNA
Another view of BGL 2 loops interacting with DNA
BGL 2 shown in black looking at interaction with DNA
A view of the back of the BGL 2 with Helix, red; sheet, yellow; and loop, green, color scheme


  1. Nice pics of a great protein!

  2. Nice job on the page set up. You really took that to a whole new level. I also like the further explanations of the pictures.

    I am having a problem finding your completed page, however. Do you have one up and I just cannot find it? It would be nice to see some more background information on your protein.

  3. Great pictures and descriptions. I'm also curious as to where the rest of the completed page is..

  4. From what I can see, this looks like a sweet protein. Anything that works with DNA is bound to be cool. Waiting for some more information, but from what you have, this could be a great candidate.